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Training in Christian Healing


“This work that you are doing is bearing fruit. The participants of our level 2 which has just ended are amazed at the quality and relevance of the teachings. They have tasted the power of the Holy Spirit and are motivated to continue training.”
A parish in Ste-Thérèse (Qc), 2020

*   *   *

“I met Henri Lemay during a retreat in Brussels, organized by the Franciscans. He rapidly introduced us to the prayer for healing. This single evening changed my life. I often use his teachings in my parish at our praise and worship evenings. May the LORD bless you for leading such a ministry.”
Benjamin (Paris). Testimony received in April 2022

*   *   *

“This week, EVERY DAY, I experienced the Power of the Holy Name of Jesus and saw wonders unfold in my life. When I learned that the power of the Name of Jesus was independent of our state of holiness, it strengthened my confidence and my faith; I proclaimed the Holy Name in all circumstances and it is a powerful weapon that has helped me throughout this week also to grow in faith. Thank you very much for this teaching.”
Nina (France), April 2022

Questions/Answers (To come)
– Who is Henri Lemay?
– Is this training in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church? What are the sources?
– What is the origin of Henri’s training sessions?
– What are the improvements of the new version of the training session, compared to the previous one?
– What form does the training session take?
– What do the training sessions bring in addition to the videos available on this website?
– Where are the training sessions given?
– Who can benefit from our training courses?
– “I am not ‘Charismatic’, can I enroll in your training?”
– “We are a group, how can we receive your training sessions?”
– How to get the material?
– How to support the ministry? How are donations used?
– What is CHARIS? How does the mission of the association “Jesus Gathers His People” echo the mission of CHARIS?

Training in Christian Healing Resources

Level Three: Physical and Emotional Healing
Level Four: Spiritual Healing and Deliverance
Level Six: Sexual Healing and Evangelization with Power