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Training in Christian Healing in Toronto (Etobicoke)
1 level = 2 weekends

New participants are welcome!

Level ONE 

Part A: May 3-5, 2024
Part B: May 31-June 2, 2024

Level TWO

Part A: September 13-15, 2024
Part B: (To be scheduled)


Part A: October 25-27,2024

Part B: (To be scheduled)

Ministry “Like His Master” (Luke 6:40)





As a Christian, do you want to learn how to:

Be a good prayer leader, avoiding pitfalls as you pray for someone’s healing?

Pray for the healing of your children, your friends?

Pray for people the LORD sends your way?

Pray for your own healing?

Pray for physical healing?

Pray for inner healing?

Pray for spiritual healing?

Pray for deliverance?

Evangelize in the power of the Holy Spirit?

If yes, then, this training is for you!

For Jesus said:

When fully trained, every disciple will be like his Master. (Luke 6:40) 

Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do,

and, in fact, will do greater works than these,

because I am going to the Father. (John 14:12)

Information and registration form: see below


*  Training session in Etobicoke (Toronto ON): Levels 1 and 2 *

To follow the Level ONE of the training session, please register (registration form below). A team in Toronto area will train you so you can join us for level 2.

(Click on the blue Level ONE title to read more details.)

Level ONE: « Foundations of Christian Healing » (Part A: May 3-5 + Part B: May 31-June 2, 2024)

Part A: May 3-5, 2024
Part B: May 31-June 2, 2024

Friday: 7pm – 9pm via Zoom ONLINE
Saturday: 8.30am – 9pm IN-PERSON
St. Leo’s Church, 277 Royal York Rd., Toronto, ON M8V 2V8
Sunday: 8:30am – 5pm IN-PERSON
St. Leo’s Church, 277 Royal York Rd., Toronto, ON M8V 2V8

Registration deadline: April 23 (registration form + payment)

Costs per weekend (including 1 dinner, tea-coffee): $115
+ $25
for the manual, if you don’t have it

Teachings on healing and deliverance + workshops

1/ Teachings:

– The Trinity and the Church
– A Catholic treatise on healing
– A Catholic treatise on angels
– A Catholic treatise on demons
– The Name (HaShem) of Jesus
– The authority of the Christian
– Obstacles to healing
– Introduction to physical healing
– Introduction to inner healing
– The healing of our image of God
– Healings from conception to birth
– Release from unhealthy soul ties
– Renouncing the occult
– Introduction to deliverance
– Spiritual adultery and antidotes
– How to bless someone

2/ Workshops of prayer:
– Blessings
– Four step forgiveness prayer
– Healing of our image of God
– Physical healing: soaking prayer
– Healing from conception to birth
– Release from unhealthy soul ties
– Renunciation of the occult
– Generational healing Mass

Training session for all Christians who desire to learn how to pray for others.

Registration now open!
1. Registration form (below) to be completed online – One per person
2. Payment of registration fees
: see indications at the end of the registration form

Level TWO: “Inner Healing and Deliverance” (Part A: Sept. 13-15 + Part B: …, 2024)

Weekends start Friday at 7 pm, end Sunday at 5 pm

Part A: Sept. 13-15, 2024
Part B: (To be scheduled)

Friday: 7 pm – 9 pm via Zoom ONLINE
Saturday: 8:30 am – 9 pm IN-PERSON
St. Leo’s Church, 277 Royal York Rd., Toronto, ON M8V 2V8
Sunday: 8:30 am – 5 pm IN-PERSON
St. Leo’s Church, 277 Royal York Rd., Toronto, ON M8V 2V8

Costs per weekend (including 1 dinner, tea-coffee): $115
+ $25
for the manual, if you don’t have it

12 hrs of teachings on healing and deliverance + 10 hrs of workshops in 2 weekends

Prerequisites: having followed the Level 1
NB : Level 1 and Level 2 are prerequisites for Level 3

Registration now open!

To register:
1. Registration form (below) to be completed online – One per person
2. Payment of registration fees
: see indications at the end of the registration form

Level THREE: “Physical and Emotional Healing” (Part A: Oct 25 – 27, 2024 + Part B: To be scheduled)

in 2 weekends, starting Friday at 7 pm, ending Sunday at 5 pm
Part A: Oct 25-27, 2024
Part B:
(To be scheduled)

Location : Etobicoke (Toronto ON)

Costs for the first weekend  (including 3 hot meals, no accommodations): informations to come

Registration deadline: informations to come

12 hrs of teachings on healing and deliverance + 10 hrs of workshops in 2 weekends

Prerequisites: having followed the Levels 1 (A+B) and 2 (A+B)

Registrations for the training session: to come

To register:
1. Registration form (below) to be completed online – One per person
2. Payment of registration fees
: see indications at the end of the registration form

Content of the 6 levels of healing and deliverance training

General Teachings on Christian Healing

– The Trinity and the Church (Level 1)
– A Catholic Treatise on Healing (Level 1)
– A Catholic Treatise on Angels (Level 1)
– A Catholic Treatise on Demons (Level 1)
– The Name (HaShem) of Jesus (Level 1)
– The Authority of the Christian (Level 1)
– Obstacles to Healing (Level 1)
– He “Who…Heals All Your Ills” Ps 103:3 (Level 2)
– Manifestations: Guidelines to Discernement (Level 2)

How to Bless Someone + Blessings Prayer Form

Healing Prayer Teams: Advices to Prayer Leader

Healing through Sacraments  (Level 5)

– Healing through 4 Sacraments
– The Eucharist and Healing
– The Sacrament of Reconciliation
– The Anointing of the Sick
– The Blood of Jesus

Healing through Spiritual Charisms

Charisms through History (Level 5) :
– From Time of Jesus to the 4th Century
– 1700 Years of Reluctance Regarding Charisms
– Vatican II Reforms Regarding Charisms
– The Charisms in the Catechism
– Two Colloquia on Charisms

Charisms of Revelation (that reveal something)
– Obstacles to Hearing God (Level 3)
– Word of Wisdom (Level 5)
– Words of Knowledge: Introduction (Level 3)
– Word of Knowledge (Level 5)
– Discernement of spirits (Level 5)

Charisms of Inspired Speech (that say something)
– Prophety (Level 5)
– Praying in Tongues (Level 5)
– Le parler en langues et son interprétation (niveau 5)

Charisms of Power (that do something)
– Charism of Faith (Level 5)
– Power to Perform Miracles (Level 5)
– Charisms of Healings (Level 5)

+ Prayers to Obtain Charisms

Physical Healing

– Introduction to Physical Healing + Soaking Prayer Form (Level 1)
– The Five Step Prayer for Physical Healing + Prayer Form (Level 2)
– Healing Anointing (Level 3)
– Physical Healing by Faith in the Word of God + Prayers (Level 3)
– Natural Physical Healing (Level 3)


Inner Healing

In General

– Introduction to Inner Healing (Level 1)
– Four-step Forgivess Prayer (Level 1)
– Healing of Our Image of God + Prayer Form (Level 1)
– Healing from Conception to Birth + Prayer Form (Level 1)
– A Father’s Blessing: Prayer Form (Level 2)
– A Mother’s Blessing: Prayer Form (Level 2)
– Spiritual Renewal of the Mind + Prayer Form (Level 3)

Release from Ancestral Negative Ties

– Deliverance from Generational Iniquities + Prayer Form (Level 2)
– Deliverance from Curses + Prayer Form (Level 2)
– Generational Healing Mass (Levels 1 et 2)

Emotional Healing

– Psychosomatic Diseases (Level 3)
– Spiritual Warfare (Level 3)
– Victory over Toxic Emotions 
(Level 3)
– Healing of Emotions: Prayer Forms (Level 3)
– Bitterness + Prayer Forms (Level 3)
– Self-Hatred + Prayer Forms (Level 3)
– Envy and Jealousy + Prayer Forms (Level 3)
– Rejection + Prayer Forms (Level 3)
– Fear + Prayer Forms (Level 3)
– Unbelief + Prayer Forms (Level 3)


Les pratiques du vieil homme

– Release from Unhealthy Soul Ties + Prayer Form (Level 1)
– Bitter Roots + Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– Inner Vows + Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– Personal and Corporate Strongholds + Prayer Forms (Level 4)
– Performance Orientation + Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– Parental Inversion + Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– Healing Wounds from Divorce + Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– The trauma of Abortion or miscarriage + Prayer Forms (Level 2)


– Guérison de la dépendance par les douze étapes : fiche de prière

Healing of sexuality

– Spiritual Adultery and Antidotes (Level 1)
– Parent of Sexual Abuse Victim: Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– Healing of Sexual Abuse + Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– Victim of Sexual Abuse: Intercessory Prayer (Level 2)
– Defilements and Death Wishes (Level 2)
– Healing of Human Sexuality (Level 6)
– Healing of Sexual Addictions: Pornography – Masturbation + Prayer Forms (Level 6)
– Healing of Adultery + Prayer Forms (Level 6)
– Healing from Pedophilia + Prayer Forms (Level 6)

Spiritual Healing

– The Human Spirit (the Heart) – Feeding the Human Spirit (Level 4)
– Nine functions of the Human Spirit + Inventory of a Waking/Slumbering Spirit (Level 4)
– The Slumbering Spirit + Prayer Forms (Level 4)
– The Imprisoned Human Spirit + Prayer Forms (Level 4)
– Prayer and Depression: What to Do / What Should Not Be Done + Prayer Forms (Level 4)
– Death Wishes + Prayer Forms (Level 2)
– Ministering to the Dying + Prayer Forms (Level 4)
– Understanding the Grieving Process + Prayer Forms (Level 4)


– Introduction to Deliverance (Level 1)
– Renouncing the Occult + Prayer Form (Level 1)
– The Reiki (Level 4)
– How to Determine the Presence of a Demon (Level 2)
– Demonic Infiltration in Human Beings (Level 2)
– Five Keys of Deliverance + Prayer Form (Level 2)
– Deliverance of Occultism + Prayer Form (Level 4)
– Demonic Specialists (Level 4)
– Prayer Against Satan and the Rebellious Angels (Level 4)

Various Prayers

– Prayer Before and After Ministry
– Prière pour choisir la vie
– Le pardon dans l’Esprit Saint
– Prière d’offrande de mon Isaac
– Prière pour bénir l’huile
– Bénédiction des médicaments
– Prière contre la peur et l’angoisse
– Prière pour séparer les facultés de l’âme et de l’esprit (He 4,12)
– Romains 8 : grand vainqueur
– Éphésiens 1 : obtenir un Esprit de sagesse et de révélation
– Éphésiens 3 : l’homme intérieur

Evangelization with Power

– History of Evangelization (Level 6)
– Obstacles to Evangelization (Level 6)
– Evangelization with Power (Level 6)
– Divine Appointments (Level 6)
– Healing, Miracles, Signs and Wonders (Level 6)
+ Pratice of Evangelization with Power (niveau 6)
+ Suggestions for One-on-One Evangelization (Level 6)


“Henri Lemay’s training (Level 1) was a revelation for me. At the beginning, I wondered if such a ministry was the right thing for me. I was afraid that I would not be up to it and that it would be too hard. From one teaching to the next, I began to see the big picture and the practical workshops confirmed the worth of this ministry. Any interested and motivated Christian who lets himself be led by the Holy Spirit can do it. It is a real blessing that this training has come my way. I now look forward to continuing to level 6 and teaming up with others to apply these wonderful learnings 🙂💝🙏

A big thank you for everything!!!”

Katy (Sherbrooke, Qc), June 2022

*     *     *

“The Lord saved me through your ministry. Something had to happen in my life. It couldn’t go on. I was so sad that I was dying. I felt like I was in a straitjacket, held hostage, barely able to stand.

I received the healing prayer “From conception to birth” because I didn’t want to come here. I had not been with God my Father since my conception. I had said no to life. The Lord resurrected me. I forgave my mother, I said yes to Jesus. I found a taste for life again and the moral and physical fatigue went away.

But that was not enough for the Lord, He wanted even more for me. I forgave my father completely for all the evil he had done to me. The Lord raised me up through your ministry, nothing less! Praise be to you Lord!

Thank you for all that you do!

Julie (Canada), June 2022

*     *     *

“I felt I was missing something to take on the call that is on my life. These courses met my needs perfectly and beyond. I thank the Lord for that and for you. I am very grateful to the Lord for your work.”

Pascal, Evangelical Pastor (Québec), June 2022

More testimonies of the year 2022 (excerpts)

“Thank you for encouraging me to do the workshops. Thank you so much! It was very good for my faith. God is really alive! Hallelujah! Sure it takes effort but it’s worth it. It is so wonderful.”

Lisette (Québec), June 2022

*     *     *

“Thank you very much for this beautiful gift of training. This weekend, I received many blessings, to see people from all parts of Quebec with the purpose of helping people… and especially to feel the presence of God among us… :-)”

Édith (Canada), June 2022

*     *     *

“I had a weekend of workshops full of blessings, of deliverances and more to come.
Thank you Anne and Henri for your teachings and thank you to the team responsible for the workshops in the Beauce.”

Suzanne (in Quebec), June 2022

*     *     *

“This training is of very high quality. Thank you for this beautiful work.”

Françoise (Montréal region), June 2022

*     *     *

“Thank you Henri (and Anne) for this training. Thank you for your docility to the Holy Spirit and for sharing these teachings that transform and heal. The Holy Spirit is truly present in it because each page of reading transforms me and I feel the Holy Spirit working in me. This meditative booklet is as healing for the person who reads it and applies it as it is for the person who will receive these prayers.”

Josée (Ottawa), May 2022

*     *     *

“This week, EVERY DAY, I experienced the Power of the Holy Name of Jesus and saw wonders unfold in my life. When I learned that the power of the Name of Jesus was independent of our state of holiness, it strengthened my confidence and my faith; I proclaim the Holy Name in all circumstances and it is a powerful weapon that has helped me throughout this week also to grow in faith. Thank you very much for this teaching.”

Nina (France), April 2022

*     *     *

“I met Henri Lemay during a retreat in Brussels, organized by the Franciscans. He rapidly introduced us to the prayer for healing. This single evening changed my life. I often use his teachings in my parish at our praise and worship evenings. May the LORD bless you for leading such a ministry.”

Benjamin (Paris). Testimony received in April 2022

*     *     *

… and a testomony after a Level 2 in 2020:
“This work that you are doing is bearing fruit. The participants of our level 2 which has just ended are amazed at the quality and relevance of the teachings. They have tasted the power of the Holy Spirit and are motivated to continue training.”

A parish in Ste-Thérèse (Qc), 2020

Information about the Healing and Deliverance Training and its author

Who is Henri Lemay?

Henri Lemay was born in 1941 and raised in a faithful, Catholic family. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts, a bachelor’s in philosophy. and a master’s in education. In 2016, after 49 years, his dear wife, Bonnie, died. He has two children, Chantal and Francois and a granddaughter. After 33 years as a high school guidance counselor, he retired in 1997.

Henri met his Lord Jesus at the age of 17. At the age of 34, the experience of the baptism in the Holy Spirit triggered in him a second conversion which made of him a disciple and a servant of JESUS. In 1978, with three other couples, he founded the Centre de l’Amour in Plantagenet, Ontario. In 1983, with his wife, he founded “Jesus Gathers His People”, an association of lay Catholics committed to the new evangelization.

He organized many large Christian conferences, evangelization tours, produced and hosted two hours of weekly Christian television from 1979 to 2002, founded and directed three other prayer centers and a Christian coffee House and led 15 pilgrimages to the Holy Land. He was the leader of la “Fraternité Sainte Famille” from 1995 to 2012. From 1995 to 2002, he was a member of the International Council of Catholic Charismatic Renewal (ICCRS) at the Vatican. He was the main organizer of the ICCRS retreat in the Holy Land in 1998. He also had the grace to participate in Rome to the Colloquia on Healing Prayer in 2001, on Charisms in 2008 and on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in 2011. From 1994 till now, he is a member of the Conseil Canadien du Renouveau Charismatique (now called “Le Service Canadien de Communion du Renouveau Charismatique”) and was its president from 1995 to 2002 and from 2009 to 2016. From 2004 to now, he is the founder and trainer of TRAINING in CHRISTIAN HEALING. In 2022, he was elected a member of the National Communion Service of CHARIS in Canada.

In 2021, Henri married Anne. She has a canonical baccalaureate (Faculty of Theology of Toulouse). She is a musician, a worship leader, and a trainer in Christian healing and deliverance.

Does this training accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church? What are the sources?

The teaching is Catholic. The 2 main sources are the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Numerous Catholic authors (from the Fathers of the Church to the teachings of contemporary popes, without forgetting the councils, including Vatican II) and other Christian denominations (Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals…) are quoted as sources.

We work in collaboration with Catholic theologians (one French-speaking and one English-speaking) to ensure that the doctrine we teach is in line with what the Church believes and teaches.

Our Level 1 French manual and its English translation (Level 1) have received the Nihil Obstat and imprimatur. We are continuing the process for the following levels of manuals.

What are the origins of this training?

When Henri was a member of ICCRS in 2002, the chairman of ICCRS asked him to harvest what the Holy Spirit had taught Christians (both Catholics and Protestants) about Christian healing and deliverance. He submitted his report to the ICCRS Doctrinal Commission in 2006.

Since then, Henri has continued his research on practical ways to receive healing from the LORD and, since 2007, he offers training to pass on the fruit of his research and to train prayer leaders.

These training sessions aim to foster boldness of faith to enable everyone to continue the healing and deliverance ministries of Jesus found in the Four Gospels.

How do the training sessions unfold? How many sessions are there? Is the training in person or online? In what languages is the training available? How much does it cost?

Our trainings take place in 6 sessions called “levels”, each composed of 12 hours of teaching (the information) and 10 hours of workshops (where the training takes place).

Before the pandemic, we were doing everything in person around the world: teaching and workshops. We are now experimenting with a new formula: lessons on Zoom then in person workshops around the world.

The training is available in French, English, and Italian. A translation of the Level 1 manual into Spanish is underway.

We try to maintain the costs as affordable for as many people as possible, because we are convinced that the need for training is immense and that the training of priests is a priority. However, we do have costs, and the ministry needs financial support.

What do the workshops bring in addition to the videos available on the site?

The trainings sessions are composed of two complementary parts: theory (the teachings) and practice (the workshops).

– The 12 hours of teachings are information.
– The 10 hours of workshops are the heart of the training where prayer leaders learn how to pray for different kinds of healing and deliverance using prayer forms as guides.

Where is the training given?

Our program is posted on this web page. To find out about our next training sessions, please consult it regularly.
We also invite you to subscribe to our newsletters to be kept informed of new trainings and other important information.

Who can benefit from these training sessions?

Our training sessions are for all Christians who want to learn to pray for the healing and deliverance of others.

The goal of the trainings is not to be healed, but to learn how to pray for the healing of others and of self. Many will be healed, because while people are “practicing”, the LORD is healing. But someone should not come because he/she is sick, but to learn how to pray for the healing of others: family members, neighbors, friends…

Whether these people will later pray in healing and deliverance ministries at the diocesan or parish level is not up to us, but to the local competent authorities: taking this training will not mandate them to do so later.

What are the criteria to be accepted at these training sessions?

They are open to all Christians.

Participants must agree to be trained in prayer for healing and deliverance and to put into practice the instructions provided during the training. If someone thinks he/she knows everything, he/she should not come to this training. People must be trainable; docility is necessary for training. We invite people to follow the method that has been thought out and worked on, and the Holy Spirit – both.

People of all ages are welcome.

“I'm not part of the Charismatic Renewal: can I enroll in your training?“

Yes, absolutely. Our training is for all Christians who want to follow Jesus, to become His disciples to do the same works that He did. This training does not require any experience of the Charismatic Renewal.
Our training teaches first to act by the virtue of faith (from level 1 onwards), then by the charisms (whose teachings only come at level 5).

Jesus declared: “Every well-trained disciple will be like his Master.” (Luke 6:40)
He who believes in Me will also do the works that I do; he will do even greater works, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12)

The question “to be charismatic or not” is perhaps not the right question. The Church is charismatic because She is inhabited by the Holy Spirit. The Church is His work.
Our training is not aimed at an elite or for members of the Charismatic Renewal, but for any Christian who wants to learn how to pray for healing and minister deliverance to help anyone who is suffering. We are convinced that praying for healing is the prerogative of every Christian because the Church has Jesus as its Head and the Holy spirit as its Soul.

“We are interested; how can we receive your training?”

Are you a group and want to receive our training? Contact us directly by email or by the contact form on this site. We would be pleased to come!

How to get the material?

You will soon find an order form on our website. In the meantime, you can write to us using the contact form at the bottom of this web page.
We have shipping options for our manuals in Canada and internationally.

What are the improvements in this new version of the training sessions, compared to the previous version?

The training sessions and workbooks have undergone a major overhaul and redesign since 2017. They have been completely reorganized for better effectiveness.

The old cycle (i.e., before 2017) does not necessarily match the new cycle. For example:

  • The Level 1 textbook has seen big changes with the work for Nihil Obstat. Blessed be God! This revised manual is now 164 pages long.
  • The Level 2 manual has also undergone enormous changes. Together with Level 1, it provides a solid foundation for training.
    The teachings on breaking curses (which were in Level 5), releasing ancestral influences (formerly Level 5), and the five keys to deliverance (formerly Level 4) are now included. Participants needed these tools much sooner.
    Some of the teachings from the old Level 2 were transferred to Levels 4 and 5.
  • The old Level 4 program was too heavy: it dealt with deliverance from occultism/spiritism and sexual healing. We have separated the two topics. Healing of sexuality is now in level 6, the other part of which is evangelism.
  • The old Level 5 program introduced evangelism with power, while charisms only came in Level 6! So we have reversed it for logic: evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit requires the charisms, His tools now at Level 5. Evangelism is now given at Level 6. The new Level 5 deals with healing through the sacraments and charisms.
  • The revised Level 5 takes the “old” Level 6 (except for 3 brief teachings that have been moved to Level 1), and expands it extensively to provide training in spiritual charisms. It is now intended to be a basic training for prophetic ministry. It contains 30% more teachings (an entire section on prophetic ministry), and the Level 5 workshops are completely changed.

The reorganization is complete, but we continue to rework, improve, revise the teachings of levels 3 to 6. We still have work to do.

How can we support your ministry? How are donations used?

You can support our healing and deliverance training ministry through prayer, but also through financial support.

All financial donations are used directly for the ministry. The main expense is for Anne’s salary, she is employed fulltime by the ministry: secretarial work, setting up and improving training and manuals, etc.
Donations also allow us to cover the costs of the website (expensive in 2022), and the purchase of materials for the ministry.

For Canadians, donations to our association are tax deductible.

Training in Christian Healing Resources

To have access to the videos of the teachings, please consider doing a donation to the ministry.
Our work, the material of production and the website have costs.

Level Three: Physical and Emotional Healing
Level Four: Spiritual Healing and Deliverance
Level Six: Sexual Healing and Evangelization with Power

Training in Christian Healing Resources

Level Three: Physical and Emotional Healing
Level Four: Spiritual Healing and Deliverance
Level Six: Sexual Healing and Evangelization with Power